How to improve productivity in Garment Industry

How to improve productivity in Garment Industry – Garment industry as an intensive labor industry, means to produce one piece of product through many processes and involve many operators. Realizing this, as one of businessman in garment industry, we have to pay more attention on what we can do to maximize productivity of the labor.

This time, i will review some things we can do to increase productivity in garment industry especially in sewing area.

Sewing are is the main area in this industry. Many garment businessman called this area as they money maker because in this area the garment product is made become a finish good.

Some points need more attention in increasing productivity in sewing area are:

1. Before starting a production process of an article of product, need to have a meeting with all department ie; merchandiser, production, QA, IE, PPIC and mechanic to discuss the article which will get into production so they all can do the preparation that will make the production running smooth and avoid mistake in production.

2. When this article is going to sewing process, it necessary to have it rechecked by each department related to line arrangement, machines preparation, product components preparation such as pieces of fabric, threads, embroidery, and other accessories, and all at one the result of sewing line layout and daily production target made by IE department based on data records taken and count based on time study.

3. After the article down on the sewing line, regularly control must do especially on the beginning of production because many problems come up in this time, usually from quality, machines setting, operators target and line balancing problem. In this case, all of related department must be ready in quick action to overcome those problems. The most important is good team work and positive thought from all part of the team to avoid blaming each other particularly about production target.

4. Some problems often come in the sewing lines are:

  • Lack or stagnant of pieces of panel or accessories into the sewing line. It can be overcome by maximum control and good planning from all relate department.
  • High frequency of broken machines. Usually caused by lack of prevention maintenance from mechanical department and or the operators themselves.
  • Mistaken of sewing machines layout. Machines layout is very influenced on flow process on production.
  • Unbalance of line balancing. If the line balancing of a production process is not balance, this will caused a bottle neck, so that the daily target will be lost. Usually the unbalanced of line balancing happen because of mistaken time study or sewing operators not achieve the target.
  • High frequency of absent sewing operators. This is disturb production flow process. we can reduce this by motivating then and giving discipline and punishment to all employees. Also in additional we have to put some operators who have high skills to replace if any operator absent.

Those are some points we have to pay attention more carefully if we intent to increase efficiency and productivity in garment industry, especially in sewing area. last but not least, support and motivation from management are necessary in order to maintain good environment and working condition.

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